Where It All Began

In 1894, Paisley was a thriving and rapidly growing town. The resultant prosperity was leading to an increasing amount of leisure and among the various interests and activities becoming popular to fill this leisure time was the game of golf.

At this time, a number of people were attempting the game informally on the lands belonging to Bushes farm on the southern edge of the town. The idea to form a Club appears to have originated with 2 young ladies, Jessie Veitch and Lucy Rowatt who lived in this vicinity. They suggested the idea to a neighbour, Robert Drummond and he took it upon himself to arrange a meeting of those townsfolk he thought may be interested in forming a Club.

This meeting took place in Paisley Town Hall at 8.00pm on Monday 5th November 1894 and after discussion ,the meeting agreed unanimously that Paisley Golf Club should be formed. A committee was formed and was instructed to find,lease and lay out a course and to frame rules and regulations.

This was duly done and on May 21st 1895 at 4 pm, Lady Glencoats- the wife of the new Club's Honorary President- drove this first ball on the new course which had beens laid out over 40 acres of ground leased from Bushes farm at an initial annual rental of £ 45. The Club grew and prospered on this site from that date.

In January 1946,however, the Club was informed by Paisley Town Council that it was considering the Compulsory Purchase of the ground on which the Course lay to build municipal housing required by the needs of the town which was continuing to grow and expand. After much discussion and legal argument between the Club and the Town Council, agreement was reached to lay out a new course on its present site on the Glennifer Braes.

The design of the present course was the work of Mr McKenzie Ross and the construction work was carried out by Mssrs Stutt.

The full 18 holes were first played in May 1953 and the first official Club competition to be played over the new course was a special event to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth.